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Evolving Digital Design

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Simple & Memorable Is The Motto We Live By

At The Design Bench we are committed to creating solutions for our clients that best reflect their needs and remain true to their character. Whether that be an established business, freelance director, or an e-commerce start-up, we want to help create an authentic design that helps retain a connection with its audience.

Website design, website management, video editing and graphic design are some of the services we offer. We have the skill and contacts to help our clients remain relevant and up-to-date in an ever-changing digital landscape. Every client is unique and we understand how each project has to be bespoke to their needs. We want to learn from the client, to understand what makes them tick and to help craft their unique understanding into a successful digital (or print) solution.

Item No.

01. Research

  • Learn the objectives of the client and explore what makes them unique to foster audience engagement.
  • Work with the client to understand design themes that reflect their aims, USP’s and character.
  • Create design drafts that can be explored with the client to reach an understanding of how best to craft the most impactful and relevant design.
  • Adhere to relevant project checklists, such as for a start-up.

Item No.

02. Design & Build

  • Put into action the findings from the research process.
  • Liaise with the client throughout to ensure their aims and expectations are being met.
  • Test innovative tactics and methods unknown to the client, whilst remaining true to the agreed design objectives.
  • Apply technical improvements, such as adhering to an SEO good practice checklist for a new website design.
  • Test with a sample audience and make appropriate changes before launch.

Item No.

03. Support

  • Provide support after launch to ensure the client’s website continues to perform correctly.
  • Limit threats from malicious attacks to limit downtime.
  • Onhand to quickly update content, relevant to business aims.
  • Offer advice on new products relevant to evolving objectives.
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