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Bespoke web development elevates you above the competition


Thoroughly Bespoke Web Development

At the Design Bench, we will always strive to represent our clients through design that illuminates what makes them shine. We work hard to create unique and authentic digital conceptions for our clients, that elevate them above the competition. Furthermore, we aim to strengthen the relationship they have with their audience/customers by efficiently promoting their USP’s. As well as creating a design that represents the client and connects with customers – which is made to measure – we also apply the same level of rigour to the engine of the website, through bespoke web development.

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Freedom Of Expression

By making use of our own CMS platform we have a solid foundation to launch the most ambitious of projects. For many clients, where we have relied upon Word Press, utilising this incredibly reliable platform has not constricted neither our nor their ambitions. We may have started with a theme, but ultimately the finished product is original and unique. However, by using our own unique CMS platform the opportunities and direction the project can go is only limited by our imagination.

Through bespoke web development, we are able to create websites which have greater inbuilt flexibility. Most businesses and organisations have ambitions which will cause them to evolve what they offer and need. When that occurs it is likely to impact on how their website serves those goals. A bespoke website will facilitate that evolution by adapting to change. For instance, if you wish to incorporate your own software, bespoke web development allows for it to be added more easily. Word Press has many thousands of plug-ins which often do the job, but if you need something unique to your organisation, then a bespoke website will better accommodate it.

In effect, a bespoke website is equipped with a very powerful engine that is likely to last considerably longer than a themed website. It has been made to not constrict your future ambitions, even when you don’t know what those ambitions are!


The Design Bench - Helping Businesses Succeed in South Wales


The Design Bench is a full-service design agency based in South Wales dedicated to crafting design experiences that reflect our client’s uniqueness to maximise audience participation.

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Stuart is the Creative Director and founding partner of The Design Bench.