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Web Design

We work with organisations which are rarely the same. Commercially driven or not, we believe a website should faithfully represent the clients uniqueness, culture and future aims.

Prior to beginning the design process, we need to ensure the brief has included all aspects relating to the requirements of the client. It is our role to help them consider how best to bring their aims to life.

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Research is key to meeting and exceeding our clients expectations. We work to understand their aims, past successes and organisational culture prior to creating their new site. We’ll also explore the needs and wants of their current and potential audience.

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Equipped with the knowledge gained from researching the client, we are now able to create relevant themed mock-ups. We’ll present the designs to the client and if necessary action any changes to ensure we remain on track.

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Now that we have agreed upon the design, we’ll get to work on bringing the site to life. We’ll consult throughout to ensure we remain on track and have learnt to remain flexible, should the requirements of the brief change.

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The final stage in the design process involves revisiting the client to show off the finished product. We will action any adjustments and providing everybody is happy, we will make the site go live.


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