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Who needs a new dog?

I’ve just had the pleasure of discovering a new addition to my ever-shortening and possibly soon to disappear, “suitable pets list”. I live in what can best be described as a semi-rural landscape of hills, rivers and pubs. I own a bicycle, which as the days become longer, will accompany me on ever more rides through the previously described semi-rural landscape. So, with my trusty steed to carry me on my exploratory forays into the picturesque valleys and woods that surround my home, do I even need a pet? Aren’t they just an expensive and often noisy, smelly and demanding waste of time? I know all of the downsides, But still, I am pet-less and don’t wish to be any longer. So which one do I choose?

Man’s best friend is supposed to be a dog; cats are notoriously independent and rabbits are prone to “going off to live in the country with all the other bunnies” (parent code for being eaten by a fox). Horses are too damned expensive and I haven’t the land; I’m also allergic to them! I’m too squeamish and boring to wish to own a reptile, insect or rodent, so let’s discount iguanas, snakes, tarantulas, rats or any other creature that I’m quite sure is far better off in the wilds of nature; and not the wilds of my temperate valley!

What I have discovered and what I wish to share with you is the sort of pet that provides real benefits for the owner. Imagine if your pet cat were able to carry your shopping home and not scratch (ruin) your beautiful mid-century armchair? I know, amazing! Then further suppose that your so-called “man’s best friend” was also able to transport your shopping home, but alone, whilst you were at work! And without eating your chocolate biscuits (or your neighbour’s child) and not costing you a small fortune in immunising said “man’s best friend”. Then may I present the Vespa Gita!

vespa gita

The creators of the iconic scooter launched a new division in 2015 that aims to create “lightweight, intelligent and autonomous mobility solutions for people and goods”; and which is unsurprisingly now based in Boston. To find out more please click.


Stuart is the Creative Director and founding partner of The Design Bench.