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We create authentic school website design that
children and staff are equally proud to call their own.

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School Website Design

As with any website it is important that the culture of the organisation is represented as authentic design. School website design is no different and should appeal to a mixed demographic of pupils, parents and educational professionals. We pride ourselves on creating school website design that works for pupils, parents and staff throughout the UK.

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School Branding

A school logo should embody all that the school represents and when crafting a new school badge/logo we are often also building their website, so much thought has to be given to ensuring we are consistent. We work closely with the staff and will always create at least three original design themes for them to consider.

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Content Support

We appreciate that educational professionals have to be accomplished multi-taskers and often cannot afford to take the time to keep the website up to date. We offer support to schools by creating a shared online folder where authorised staff can deposit photo’s, video’s and text, which we add to pages or create new ones. We also offer our skill as designers to create new school materials, such as a new prospectus, flyers, posters and original design/illustration for the website.

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We have had the pleasure of working with the leading technology educational company during 2015 and we look forward to maintaining this fantastic partnership in 2016. They work throughout the UK in schools where they empower education professionals with the skills to create cross-curriculum digital competency.

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What the client said

The Design Bench have fulfilled the brief by creating a superb mobile friendly site. It truly does capture the essence of Hawthorn Primary.

Adrian Dinsmore | Hawthorn Primary

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