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Engaging, audience responsive marketing and design

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The Design Bench

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We’re a Digital Marketing Agency peopled by passionate
and highly evolved humans, who forge client-appropriate
digital solutions. We believe in crafting design that represents
the client and which encourages increased audience engagement.

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Start-up friendly

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We were once a start-up business ourselves, so we are quite aware of the ever-lengthening list of tasks and demands facing a new business. Choosing a domain, logo design, hosting and creating an effective website are some of the ways we can help. We will take up the strain and deliver your new online presence to the world; and once your website is live, we are available to help ensure it remains up to date and relevant to your burgeoning audience. Services include:

  • Website design and build
  • Logo design
  • Obtaining an effective domain
  • Website and email hosting
  • Full content and design support after website launch
  • Technical support and website maintenance
  • Social media set up and support
  • SEO – getting your website in front of potential customers
  • Marketing support – including graphic design, advertising and copywriting
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Supporting schools

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We are committed to providing total support for schools throughout the UK;
from website design and creation to full content and technical support.
We work with schools and their staff to create a website that meets their needs;
and then are on hand to help ensure the website remains looking as fresh
as the day it was launched.

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